The Orchards at Jackson (Male)

The Orchards at Jackson (Male)

Apartment Community Features

  • Laundry room (coin-operated)
  • Barbecue patio
  • Orchards and edibles
  • Abundant on-street parking

Housing Amenities

  • Three bedrooms, one bathroom, tile and wood flooring
  • Utilities: Gas, electricity, water, Wi-Fi connection  
  • Furnished: Beds, dressers, closets, couch, dining table, chairs
  • Dishwasher, garbage disposal
  • Refrigerator, stove, microwave
  • Forced air furnace, evaporative cooler    

Parking: Private driveway (two to three cars)

Walking Proximity

  • Rancho Market grocery/deli, Rite Aid pharmacy/convenience and gas station (one block)
  • Century Barn Laundry, restaurants, auto shops (two blocks)
  • Trax Jackson Station light rail (one block) 
  • Front Runner Station (three blocks)
  • LDSBC Campus, Gateway Mall (four blocks, 15 min walk)

  •  $300 total to secure your position
  • 1 hr/wk cleaning required, weekly inspections

Shared bedroom:     

  • $325-375 monthly installment (4 per semester, no pro-rations)    

Private bedroom:     

  • $425-475 monthly installment (4 per semester, no pro-rations)

747 W. 200 N.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Interested in applying? Please contact the landlords directly to ensure availability.

Jeri Olsen: (801) 301-0362
Rod Olsen: (801) 301-3121
Mailing Address: 744 Jackson Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84116

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