Summer 2007

Dr. C. Daniel Litchford


"Developing Civility"

Developing Civility

It’s my pleasure and honor to be here, in the presence of all of you, and to have been given the opportunity to come and share in the way that it’s taken me 38 years to figure out—in a way that will do what has been deemed impossible in some fields of education, and that is to permanently and forever eradicate the curve of forgetting from the minds of the students. I’ve got students in my classes that after five weeks forget they’re in class. I’ve had students at midterm come up to me and say, “I know I registered for the class; these are my notes, I wrote them myself, but I can’t remember any of it.” So I have worked my entire career to come up with ways to enable you to retain forever, simple ideas, simple doctrines that you can turn into principles. And the challenge that I was faced with on this assignment was the commitment that you’ve all made, and all those who work with you here, to develop civility.

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