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Planning on Transferring to a University?

Further your education while working towards a career you love. The Associate of Science of Integrated Studies (AS of IS) program helps you progress in your education and career path at the same time. Graduate with general education courses that are transferable to any school in the state of Utah, all while earning a certificate in a field-specific area.

Aiming to go straight to work?

Get the skills you need for a career you'll love with the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program. This experience-based degree is designed to help you gain the in-demand tools needed to work in a specialized career right after graduation. So not only will you enter the workforce faster, you'll boost your earning potential. For an education that pays for itself.


An accounting career can take you into any field anywhere in the nation. Because of the constant demand for qualified accountants, you may find limitless possibilities. From Quickbooks and basic financial transactions to reconciliations and general ledgers, you’ll graduate equipped to help people solve their problems and achieve their business goals.

Applied Technology

We partnered with Davis Technical College (DTC) and Ogden-Weber Technical College (OWTC) so you can build your technical college certificate into a degree. The Applied Technology Program shows you how to integrate emerging technologies with daily work environments. Create a well-rounded skill set ideal for building a profitable business or advancing your managing career.

Business Analytics

A degree in Business Analytics enables you to seek an in-demand career applying lessons from past business performance to future business plans. You will be given the tools to successfully provide data analysis, apply new technology to business models and inform project management for a wide range of business applications. Gain the power to help improve the operational processes in the field of your choice.

Business Management

Business Management prepares you to become a leader of people and processes, a professional salesperson, a master researcher, a customer service pro and a sought-after employee. Leveraging real-world experience, our faculty work closely with local and national companies. So you'll gain the professional and spiritual experience, through classwork and internships, to succeed in the field of your choice.

Digital Marketing

In a world of digital everything, having the expertise to manage a brand online is invaluable. We prepare you to tackle all aspects of the digital buying process including branding, campaign strategy, mobile websites and analytics. When you graduate, you’ll have the tools and tactics employers want, and the ability to turn those techniques into a career.


**This program has been discontinued as of Fall 2017. If you declared Entrepreneurship as your emphasis before the cutoff date, then you may finish the degree. Students declaring programs after that date may not sign up for this program.**

Global Supply Chain and Operations

Our hands-on program will give you vital industry experience in producing and distributing goods and services. You'll learn to create innovative processes for accurate, timely delivery of these products to customers. We work with small to national businesses to help you prepare for a future in logistics analysis, transportation management, quality control and more.

Health Professions

Our Health Professions program offers an exceptional path to a degree in just two years. You’ll experience valuable internships in a variety of settings, including local clinics, hospitals and ambulatory centers. Plus, our certificates and flexible evening courses allow you to get work in your desired field while finishing your degree.

Interior Design

If your dream is to develop your passion for detail, color and texture into a viable career, this is your place. Our rigorous design program will teach you the hand skills and visual design sense necessary to succeed in your career. To apply to the program, we want to see a digital inspiration board from you.

Information Technology

You’ll identify one of several IT specific career paths and master current, relevant skills to get you employed quickly. No matter what your focus, this comprehensive framework of skills will prepare you to excel in the IT world.

Paralegal Studies

Our competitive program offers a cutting-edge curriculum that connects you with local legal professionals in the industry. Many of our instructors have worked in the legal field before they came to LDSBC, so you receive mentoring from experienced professionals. You will have ample opportunity to network with those at the Utah State Bar and the Utah Paralegal Association, to graduate with connections.

Professional Sales

**This program has been discontinued as of Spring 2018. If you declared Professional Sales as your emphasis before the cutoff date, then you may finish the degree or cluster. Students declaring programs after that date may not sign up for this program.**

Project Management

Project managers in every field need certain fundamental qualities, including leadership and negotiating skills, project plan development training, and the ability to estimate time and effort. This program helps you prepare to use sought-after skills employers look for and earn an industry certification that will help you reach your business objectives.

Software Development

Our comprehensive program is designed to help you gain proficiency in software development—including Windows, mobile and web development. With this experience, you’ll be prepared to take on the challenges that tech companies face every day.


Education is not limited to the classroom or a campus. Every day, everywhere you go, you learn from people, experiences, books, advertisements and more. By developing a habit of learning both by study and faith—from searching textbooks to searching the scriptures—you will be prepared to understand what information is good, true and helpful as you continue to learn and grow.

Class Schedules

Whether you’re continuing your course or changing direction, we're here to guide and support you as you create your best future. Use this page to view the current and upcoming semester class schedules. You can check your certificate/degree to identify the required courses in your program.

Advanced Placement and IB Courses

You've worked hard, and you have the grades and test scores to prove it. Find out how much your AP, IB and CLEP test scores are worth in college credit. These tests can potentially cut down on your course load and help you graduate even faster.

Transfer Guides

Are you ready to start a new chapter? If your time at LDSBC is coming to a close, we would love to help you find your new home. Learn more about the possibilities of other Universities in the state of Utah.