Legal Documents

Legal Documents

An F-1 international student is responsible to maintain all documents required for legal status.

  • I-20: An international student is expected to maintain all copies of the I-20’s issued to him/her. The I-20 in conjunction with the I-94 maintains the international student’s legal status while studying in the US.

  • Passport: An international student is expected to keep a valid passport at all times during his/her study in the US. An expired passport is a status violation.

  • I-94: Form I-94 is the Department of Homeland Security’s arrival/departure record created for international students who are admitted to the US. This is an electronic form.  An international student can print a paper copy at

  • Visa: All visitors to the US, including international students, must enter with a visa (unless their county is part of the visa waiver program). All international students must enter with a valid I-20.  Once an international student is admitted to the US, status is maintained by the I-94 and the I-20 forms. An international student who wishes to leave the country and then return to the US may use the same visa to reenter as long as it has not expired. An international student who leaves the country and his/her visa has expired, must apply for a new visa in his/her home country. An international student planning to leave the US should always get a travel endorsement on his/her I-20 if planning to return to the US.

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