General Scholarship Policies

General Scholarship Policies

LDS Business College scholarship recipients are expected to abide by the LDSBC Scholarship Policies.

  1. In order to maintain eligibility for scholarships, students must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress.

    • Maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA

    • Complete at least 67% of registered classes.

    • Finish their degree/program within 150% of the published time.

  2. Beginning with the Fall 2019 semester, if students don’t meet these three minimum standards, they will not be eligible to receive a scholarship. Students may appeal this disqualification if they experienced extenuating circumstances. After the appeal is submitted, including any supporting documentation, a committee will make the final decision for continued eligibility.
  3. The student may use the scholarship award as indicated in the student’s scholarship letter. An academic year begins with the Fall semester and ends with the Spring semester. Specific amounts are assigned to each semester and may not be exceeded.
  4. Students who are on scholarship probation from previous semesters will not be eligible to receive a scholarship for the next semester they attend.
  5. Program Excellence and Hope Scholarships are the only scholarships that can be combined with other LDSBC scholarships. Pathway Scholarship recipients will not be eligible for any other scholarship except for the Program Excellence. Outside agency scholarships may be used in the same semester as an LDS Business College award.
  6. Students must adhere to all policies and standards of LDS Business College and remain in good academic standing.
  7. Students may defer scholarships for military service. All other scholarships must be used in the semester offered and may not be deferred.
  8. Students must submit a thank you letter before scholarships will disburse and a checklist will be posted to the student’s “To Do List” until the letter has been received.
  9. Single parent scholarship recipients are encouraged to meet with their academic adviser each semester – as needed.
  10. Students may not deviate from established scholarship policies except when granted by the Scholarship Committee through an appeals process.

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