LDSBC Financial Aid Guide

Student Health Plan

The College requires all students who are enrolled at least 3/4 time (9 credit hours or more) as of the tuition deadline date to have adequate medical coverage. Enrollment in the Student Health Plan satisfies the College’s health plan requirement, as does enrollment in a group medical plan provided by the student’s employer or spouse’s or parent’s employer. For another medical health plan to meet this requirement, it must:

  1. Be Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health plan offered by a United States-based insurance company.
  2. Medical coverage must cover you while you are on campus.
  3. Provide at least 80% coverage for all major medical expenses, including physician, hospital, and ancillary services;
  4. Have an individual annual deductible of no more than $1,000;
  5. And have an annual plan limit of no less than $100,000.

Enroll/Waive the Student Health Plan

When the student enrolls for classes, they will be given a chance to enter their insurance preference on the Insurance Questionnaire.

  • If they do not complete the questionnaire, they will be enrolled in the Student Health Plan automatically. All students (with at least 9 credits) will have a health plan charge posted to their student account.
  • If the student answers "Yes" to the question in the Questionnaire, they will not be enrolled until that premium has been paid in full. Payments need to be made in full by the tuition deadline.
  • If the student answers "No" on the Insurance Questionnaire, the school will post a health plan 'waiver' within the first few weeks of school. If a payment is made for this health plan charge on the student's account before the amount is waived, this does not signify to the school that the student would now like to participate in the school's health plan. The only way for the student to be officially enrolled in this health plan is by answering "Yes" on the questionnaire, or by contacting the Cashier's Office.

Health Plan Waivers

Before school begins and up until the tuition deadline, the Cashier's Office can waive the health plan charge by seeing a copy of the student's personal insurance card. This can be in person or via e-mail with a scanned copy of the card or a photo that is clearly legible. If a student needs to have the health plan charged waived after the tuition deadline, they will need to bring a Letter of Credible Coverage from the insurance company. The insurance company can send this letter to the Cashier's office directly if needed. The school will then have to contact DMBA to verify if the coverage can be canceled. A new health plan waiver is required each semester.

If the student has not completed the questionnaire or needs to make changes to the questionnaire, they must come to the Cashier's Office on the 2nd floor. The questionnaire is what the school uses to enroll or waive the student in the Student Health Plan.

Student Health Plan Booklet

Make sure to view the pdf copy of the health plan booklet. This book is provided by Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators and gives a detailed summary of what this health plan provides for the student. This booklet also lists health centers and hospitals that are approved under this plan. If you have a specific question about the coverage, please contact a member of the Enrollment Team at DMBA by calling (801) 578-5600.

Break coverage

Continuing students wanting to take a semester break (or less than nine credit hours) and remain insured during that semester break must have been enrolled in the Student Health Plan the previous semester, must be registered for the upcoming semester (nine or more credit hours), and must have paid the health plan premium by the tuition payment deadline. Students wishing to enroll in this option must contact the Cashier's Office. An important thing to note is the premium for continuing student health plan is determined by your status as a continuing student. If you enroll in continuing student health plan and you do not return as a 3/4 student the following semester, you will be charged for the health plan at the non-student monthly rate.​

Preauthorization Required

You must preauthorize with Deseret Mutual any services received outside the listed health centers before receiving medical care . To preauthorize, call Deseret Mutual at 1-800-777-3622. For further information, please refer to the Student Health Plan Booklet link listed above.


Please note that Student Health Plan premiums vary by semester. The premiums listed below apply only to the semester indicated.

  Regular On-Campus and Continuing Student Coverage
Single Student Only
(you can NOT enroll in this option if you are married)
Semester Rate
Fall 2015............................$296.00
Winter 2016.......................$296.00
Summer 2016...................$296.00
Married Student Only
(this option does NOT cover your spouse)
Semester Rate
Fall 2015 ...........................$474.00
Winter 2016.......................$474.00
Summer 2016...................$474.00
Single Student with Dependents
Semester Rate
Fall 2015..........................$1,094.00
Winter 2016.....................$1,094.00
Summer 2016.................$1,094.00
Married Student with Dependent(s) WITH Maternity Coverage for Non-Student Spouse
(Non-student dependent must pay $6,500 deductible per pregnancy)
Semester Rate
Fall 2015..........................$1,654.00
Winter 2016.....................$1,654.00
Summer 2016.................$1,654.00

Extended Coverage
(those who have graduated)
For upto four months after graduation

Single Student Only
(You can NOT enroll in this option if you are married)

Monthly Rate


Married Student
(This option does NOT cover your spouse)

Monthly Rate


Single Student with Dependents
Monthly Rate


Married Student with Dependent(s) WITH maternity coverage for Non-Student spouse
(Non-Student dependent must pay $6,500 deductible per pregnancy)

Monthly Rate