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Whether you’re just starting your college education, or seeking to build on an existing foundation, you’ll find your place at LDS Business College.

That’s exactly what happened to Marlene Lingren. When she decided to continue her education after BYU, her interest was piqued by the Medical Coding area of study at LDSBC. She discovered a whole new career path, and so can you.

We’re here for you

We all want to progress in life—stretch toward greater fulfillment and purpose. A targeted education, aimed toward skill-building and real-world experience, can keep you moving forward. And help you grow into a career you’ll love.

Marlene found her purpose learning Medical Coding at LDS Business College.  What will you discover? Learn about the diverse areas of study we have to offer today.

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We believe that finances shouldn’t stand in your way. Choose a degree that gets you a career to pay for your education—quickly. It’s all part of the plan.

“I feel really blessed for the amazing opportunity to learn and grow at LDSBC. I know I’ll always succeed if I just keep working at it. I hope to change the world by helping everyone feel secure, loved and accepted, in the workplace and at home.”
– Katie Jackson


Students who walk to the temple. Students who know the best places to eat downtown, who create lasting relationships while getting their degree. College is your time—so make it memorable.

“LDSBC has helped me manage my life better. I am becoming my very best self, as this is the first time in my life that my teachers have cared about me. I feel that I will not fail because Heavenly Father is helping me out.”
– Armando Aragon

By study. By faith.

You want to experience your education, not just get through it. We empower you to pursue your interests and learn by doing—all while staying true to who you are.

"I have gained many marketable skills. Not only is my life
more stable, I see a better path ahead."

– Pam Hirwa, Accounting

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