Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo Usage Guidelines

Review the Rules Before You Use.

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LDSBC Logo Usage

Block Logo

Block Logo


The Block Logo is the most commonly used logo on commercial and internally produced products. Usage of the block logo is preferable to other iterations. Other logos may be used on approval only.


Medallion Logo

Medallion Logo


The medallion logo is used in officially sanctioned situations. Use on approval.


Horizontal Logo

Horizontal Logo


The traditional word block logo is preferred over this iteration, but it is available in situations where a horizontal logo is necessary. An all-black version is also acceptable. Use is limited. Use on approval.

To maintain their integrity and maximize their impact, the LDSBC Medallion and Block logos have minimum size standards of 1 inch.

  1. A "clear space" equal to the height of the capital "L" in the LDSBC Logo must be maintained on all four sides of logos when placed in printed publications or other materials.

  2. No graphic elements—including typography, patterns, illustrations, or photographs—should appear within this space.

  3. This space allows the official LDSBC logos to stand alone for better recognition and protects them from blending with text, headlines or other images.

To ensure readability and maximize the impact of LDSBC’s visual identity program, the background colors that can be used with the LDSBC logos are carefully defined.


  • The color versions of the LDSBC Block logo should be used only on a white background. Other backgrounds colors can be considered.

  • The white "reversed out" versions of the logo can also be used on a background of the official school color of forest green.

  • To allow for more design flexibility, the visual identity system allows for the black version of the LDSBC logo to be used on any solid color background.


There is one notable exception to these guidelines: The color versions of the LDSBC logo can be placed on photographs—provided that the photographs’ colors and patterns do not compete visually for attention. For example, placing one of the logos on the sky portion of a photo is acceptable in most cases.

You may also find it helpful to review the following list of "design don'ts" that represent the most common misapplications of the logo.

  • Do not create new art or text "lock-ups" other than those provided in the official visual identity system.

  • Do not add new words to the logo.

  • Do not reproduce any element at smaller sizes than the approved minimum size.

  • Do not attempt to typeset the logo yourself.

  • Do not change the distribution of colors within a logo.

  • Do not reproduce a logo in colors other than the approved colors.

  • Do not embed the logo within a body of text.

  • Do not attempt to typeset the logo within a body of text.

  • Do not use the logo on unauthorized background colors.

  • Do not add colors to white "reversed-out" artwork.

  • Do not distort, modify or add dimension to the logo.

  • Do not enclose the logo within boxes or shapes defined by white or any other background color, in effect creating another visual "lock-up."

For specific guidelines on how to use the many logos available in the LDSBC visual identity program, please refer to the Logo Trade Sheet.

If you have any questions about which logo is right for a particular application or about how to incorporate a logo into your publications, please call 801-524-1975 or email John Moore at jmoore@ldsbc.edu for assistance.