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Ever wonder what the Learning Assistance Lab could do for YOU?
Read below to see what other students have said!
  • The tutors took me step by step through my concerns and made everything clear. They gave me confidence in myself.”
  • “My tutor answers my questions, understands how I think and redirects me, if needed. He is patient even when I’m slow to understand. I appreciate him.”
  • “He helped me with everything and even explained better than some of the teachers!”
  • “She explains well, shows sympathy, and paraphrases well. She listens to me and lifts my spirits. She’s awesome!”
  • “My tutor helped me with the language. As an international student, sometimes my ideas are not clear on paper. He helped me to realize most of my mistakes in writing English and explained how to do it.”
  • “I improved my pronunciation by reading with my tutor. She explained grammar rules well and made me feel that I could do it.”
  • “My tutor collected my weird grammar and sentences and taught me suitable words and phrases. She helped the overall context to sound better.”
  • “My tutor finds time to help. I know he’s a busy man, but when I need help, he’s always there with a happy heart.”
  • “He taught me other things besides math so that I could focus and leave my other thoughts and problems behind. It was then that my mind was ready for his tutoring.”
  • “My tutor was such a blessing to me! He helped me a lot and cared about my progress. He was willing to run the extra mile with me. If it were not for him, I wouldn’t have passed my math class.”
  • “Thank you! You don’t get this kind of support from a university!”
  • “I got a scholarship and an A+ for English as a result of tutoring. I couldn’t have done it without the Learning Assistance Lab.”
  • “My tutor knew and explained the material very well, helped me to understand it, and expressed a willingness to help me improve. He was patient with me, found out my problems, and then found a way to fix them! I test badly, so he did a pretest for me, which helped a lot! He knows his stuff and helped me to understand everything so much better!”
  • “I always felt comfortable with my tutor. She was patient and understanding. She walked me through problems with outstanding patience. I really want her for my tutor next semester!”
  • “I could not have passed without her! She made it fun and added insights and good suggestions! She was wonderful, kind, knowledgeable, caring, inventive and creative. She wanted me to do well.”
  • “She asked ME to think of correct sentences before SHE corrected me. She taught me how to write papers, loves words, and helped me think of how to make them fit together. She patiently helps me find answers and ideas. I appreciate her help. She made me feel like I can do it. She made me feel like I can write!”
  • “My tutor used a wide variety of teaching methods, yet kept it simple enough for me to understand. He had a unique ability to teach so it made sense to me. I am grateful to have had a tutor. Thanks for making this program available!”
  • “Because of her help in tutoring, I discovered that I like to write. She helped me understand grammar better.”
  • “Patient! Ever so patient as I would write and erase while I tried to comprehend what was being taught.”
  • “She was very encouraging. I never felt uncomfortable around her. She shared in my struggles and successes.”
  • “He was a nice person and very patient. He didn’t criticize me when I got a problem wrong. Instead he really tried to help me notice why I got it wrong in a nice way.”
  • “She didn’t just give me the answers. She gave good examples and explanations that were simplified. She was very encouraging and patient.”
Holly Brinkerhoff, Student Support & Disabilities Interim Director
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