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LDS Business College provides accommodations for students with documented disabilities so that they may operate on an equal level with all students in their academic pursuits. Students must provide the Disability Director with written verification of their disability, issued by a qualified medical or psychological professional. This documentation should include evidence of testing, diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended accommodations. Upon meeting with the Disability Director, actual accommodations are determined on the basis of the verified disability and are provided in compliance with the Section 504: Protecting Students with Disabilities requirements. All contact with, and information supplied to the Director is kept strictly confidential. The following services may be provided based on documented recommendations:
  • Reading: Texts and other materials can be made available in digital format, recordings or large print through the Disability Office
  • Notetakers:  Notetakers in the class provide notes for eligible students by email or hard copy.
  • Tape Recorders: Available for check out through the Disability Office.
  • Testing: Extended time, readers, scribes, and distraction-reduced testing rooms are available through the Disability Office.
  • Tutoring: Available to students in most subjects through the Disability Office.
  • Priority Registration: Available for students who have individual scheduling needs.

Additional Information

  • Persons who are deaf or hearing impaired or blind need to contact our office three months in advance of their attendance in order to ensure time to provide interpreters or other accommodations.
  • Persons with access/assistive technology needs should also contact our office well in advance.

Click here for Instructor Information on Accommodating Students with Disabilities. For more information contact:

Holly Brinkerhoff, Student Support & Disabilities Interim Director
Phone: 801-524-1916
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Location: Room 933
Hours: By appointment