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LDS Business College to assist students in need

LDS Business College to assist students in need

18 May. 2020

The College Decides Not to Accept CARES Act Funding

LDS Business College (LDSBC), like every private and public institution of higher education, has experienced and will continue to experience significant financial loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our students enrolled during the Winter 2020 Semester have also struggled to meet their needs due to disruptions caused by the outbreak.

LDSBC appreciates the support Congress has shown to institutions of Higher Education through the CARES Act Emergency Relief funding. We are grateful for the concern the Department of Education has for students and institutions all of whom who have been impacted by COVID-19. While funds have been allocated to LDSBC under the CARES Act, the College did not apply for this support, nor has it requested or received any of these funds.

While we are also experiencing the financial strain this pandemic has put on other institutions, some of which may not be able to open their doors to students again without government relief, we believe we can meet the needs of our students without the federal funds. Because of private funding, LDSBC has decided not to accept any part of the CARES Act allocation to our college. We have informed the Department of Education of our decision so that it might reallocate resources to others. We are reaching out to affected students to advise them how to apply for private funds made available through the College.

We remain committed to ensuring that our students can continue their education at LDSBC with a unique focus on skills-based curriculum and engaged learning. Thanks to the support of our sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are able to keep our tuition low while providing our students with an excellent education.

In addition to providing support through financial aid, LDSBC provides on-campus jobs to over 10% of our students. We will continue to look for opportunities throughout this pandemic to assist our students, who have always been our first priority.