Listed below is consumer information designed to help prospective students better understand how this program fits with their goals and plans.  The data was compiled in 2012.

Program Costs:

Tuition and fees for the 2 semester program:  $3,060
Books and Supplies for the entire program:     $650

Program Success:

70% of students who begin their studies in LDS Business College programs either completed the program in the first year or returned to the College to continue their program for a second year. 
Graduation rate:
XX% of graduates from one-year programs complete their degree within three semesters of their start date.
27% of College graduates in 2010 graduated with educational debt.  
College-wide median debt for graduates (for loans disbursed 2010-2013):
Federal Loans: $4,682
Private educational Loans:  $0
Institutional finance plan: $0
0 students who left or graduated from this program have defaulted on their Federal student loans.
 Program Outcomes:
(Based on the College's annual placement survey)

Job placement for this program:   100%
Job placement rate for all graduates:    90% total
Types of jobs graduates can find:
Administrative Assistants
Accounting assistants
Business support