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BUS 101 Survey of Business (3) 
Prerequisite: None
Course Content Charge: $10.50 (specfic sections; check the bookstore website)
Description: Introduces the world of business through a survey of fundamental concepts and challenges – managing change, economics, ethics and social responsibility, management and leadership, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance, global trade, information technology, and operations and supply chain. This course is designed to give students a working knowledge of business, as well as assist them in determining an area or two of business in which they would like to concentrate throughout their studies.
BUS 110 Business Lecture Series (1) 
Prerequisite: None
Description: A repeatable course offered to any student who is interested in business. Class assignments will ensure understanding of business lessons taught by guest lecturers.

BUS 160 Leadership for Life (3) 
Prerequisite: BUS 101
Description: Students will learn and integrate timeless principles of leadership for lifetime success within the family, Church, and community. They will experience hands-on application of leadership skills and attributes from the Lord Jesus Christ, the scriptures, the teachings of modern prophets, and principles from proven business and political leaders. Among other leadership models, students will analyze and apply The Leadership Pattern developed by the LDS Church to train its leaders to “Lead as the Savior,” and will participate in authentic learning experiences as they practice the principles of Servant Leadership.

BUS 199 Business Internship (2)
Prerequisite: Requires program director approval
Description: On-the-job application of knowledge and skills acquired in classroom study. Requires accomplishment of two measurable learning objectives related to the business degree/certificate competencies that can be documented and accomplished during the semester. A minimum of 60 work hours are required per credit hour, with 2 credit hours possible. One-hour weekly lab weeks1-4.
NOTE: Students will be responsible for finding internship positions. For assistance in finding an internship opportunity, contact the Career Advising office one month prior to the beginning of the semester.

BUS 201 Principles of Management (3) 
Prerequisite: BUS 101; BUS 160
Description: Builds off the principles taught in BUS 160 (Leadership for Life) as it ventures deeper into the characteristics and skills of true leadership within an organization, be it public, private, or church-related. Provides a real-world opportunity to collaborate with the management of a for-profit or not-for-profit company to study how the key elements of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are applied and to present recommendations for improvement, utilizing effective management theories and practices. Includes class discussion, case studies, small-group activities, and written and oral communication.

BUS 205 Human Resource Management (3) 
Prerequisite: BUS 101
Description: Trains students in personnel supervision and conflict resolution, human relations, performance appraisal, manpower planning, communication, training, and governmental regulations. Develops skills in compensation administration, including wage, salary, incentive, and benefits administration.

BUS 221 Business Law & Ethics (3) 
Prerequisite: BUS 101
Description: Develops sensitivity to ethics in business through class discussion and case studies. Provides a practical business knowledge of contracts, sales, negotiable instruments, real estate, warranties, business organizations, employment issues, torts, consumer protection and Internet law.

BUS 235R Applied Projects (1-3)
Prerequisite: Program Director Approval
Description: This class is designed as an applied projects lab for the Business curriculum series. Students will complete real-life, real-time projects requested by companies. The company will define the project outcomes and set deadlines for project delivery. Students will work closely with an assigned faculty member, who will manage the overall quality of the deliverable. This is a letter-grade class that will appear on the official College transcript. Students must complete an application process through the Career Services Center and be approved by the class faculty before they are allowed to register. Repeatable.

BUS 260 Business Finance & Economics (3) 
Prerequisite: BUS 101, ACC 105
Description: Description: Trains students in the financial management and profit maximization of a business enterprise. Develops skills in basic financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, determining working capital requirements, determining operating and financial leverage, analyzing capital investment, and making financial decisions. Builds on key micro and macroeconomic principles in a domestic and international context. Includes collaborating with a real organization's management to perform a study of its financial management performance.

BUS 295 Business Strategy (3) (capstone) 
Prerequisite: BUS 201; GSO 125
Description: Provides project-based experience in identifying management problems that frequently arise in business and using problem-solving skills to formulate solutions. Uses case studies and actual business situations to apply knowledge of business concepts and techniques. Also includes completion of a comprehensive employment portfolio encompassing the student’s work over previous semesters.

BUS 299 Business Management Internship (2) (capstone) 
Prerequisite: BUS 201; GSO 125
Description: Provides students the opportunity to earn credit and gain valuable experience by performing job responsibilities in a real work setting over a three-month period. Interns will be expected to operate successfully in a position within their field of study as evaluated formally by their manager