SMM 105 Introduction to Social Media Marketing (3)
Prerequisite: None
Description: Discover the evolution and purpose of Social Media and why it is a disruptive wave of innovation. Learn about how it affects your personal and professional life. Understand the importance of personal branding and how these principles can be applied in the professional world. Understand the history, purpose, anatomy, best practices, current trends, and pros & cons of the top 8 Social Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Blogs. Build foundational knowledge and professional skills on these 8 Social Media platforms. Learn how to research, use strategy and tactics, create engaging content, establish a following, & understand legal issues that confront Social Media. Gain a high-level understanding of key marketing principles and strategies. Learn how companies use Social Media for marketing, analytics, customer service and more. Create a marketing campaign for an organization, pitch it, and effectively execute & evaluate it. Understand the future of Social Media for businesses and also how it effects you personally and professionally. 

SMM 120 Social Media Marketing Strategy I (3)
Prerequisite: SMM 105
Course Content Charge: $135
Description: Social Media channels, along with the way we use them, will continue to change. However, there are foundational marketing strategy principles that will consistently guide professionals in the ever-evolving world of Social Media Marketing. In this course students will learn to establish a Vision, set guiding and measurable Social Media Marketing Goals, identify and define Target Audiences, apply Social Media Marketing tactics, and measure, analyze and assess results. Comprehension and application of these principles will enable students to build an effective Social Media Marketing strategy for brands and businesses that achieves business objectives.

SMM 130 Social Media Marketing Content I (3)
Prerequisite: SMM 105
Description: Content is king! This class helps you become a king (or queen) of content. Understanding how to create and produce great content for all of the various marketing channels will become one of your greatest skills. Learn how to identify and create great content through copy, pictures, videos, infographics, etc. Know the balance between content about yourself/your company vs. content about the customer's true needs and interests. Begin to learn the power of content driven customer advocacy and how to drive measurable results.

SMM 140 Web Management (3)
Prerequisite: None
Description: Learn how to build great websites faster, cheaper and easier than most people know is even possible. This course will teach you how to use open sourced platforms to develop, design, optimize, customize and manage company websites. You will also learn how to integrate the latest social and mobile trends into these websites. This specific skill will become a valuable asset when applying for jobs. Open-sourced web development skills will set you apart in this new world of social media marketing.

SMM 150 Social Media Marketing Data and Analytics (3)
Prerequisite: SMM 105, FIN 101
Description: Good data analysis can make or break a company. Data should drive innovation, pricing, resources, and even culture. This class teaches how to capture the right data and then know what to do with it. You will learn how to use both free and paid tools to capture and analyze data from various online platforms. The value of data and analytics is that you are much better positioned to make the right decisions. Considering that people who make decisions for the company are typically those that run the company, this class will give you a life-long standout skill.

SMM 160 Social Media Marketing Advertising and Advocacy
Prerequisite: SMM 105
Description: Large brands are shifting their advertising budgets towards digital and social media. In this course you’ll learn what social media advertising is. You’ll study, at a high level, how to implement strong social advertising strategy across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, and even strategies for platforms not currently advertising such as Instagram. We’ll talk about audience growth strategy vs. conversion targeting and how to measure and optimize both. You’ll learn the benefits and value of Facebook over Twitter over other social networks. You’ll also learn examples of successful case studies and get to implement and experiment on your own hands-on campaigns.

SMM 199 Social Media Marketing Lecture Series (1)
Prerequisite: None
Description: Discover and evaluate how social media marketing is revolutionizing the marketing landscape. Through case studies, guest experts from the field, useful and practical authentic learning experiences, readings, thought leadership development and discussions, this interactive course teaches the marketing principles needed to understand and integrate social media in a business and personal environment. More specifically, students will analyze and learn a variety of social media marketing strategies while engaging in relevant discussions on topics such as personal branding, strategy, segmentation, messaging, content/video, analytics, and ROI.

SMM 210 Social Media Marketing Strategy II (3)
Prerequisite: SMM 105, SMM 120
Description: SMM 210 is a case studies and campaigns class that serves as the capstone course of the Social Media Marketing program. The course builds upon the skills learned and knowledge gained from SMM 120. Students will leave this class with strong analytical and planning skills, which are essential to any social media strategy. Through in-depth study of case studies and current social media campaigns, students will hone their ability to breakdown vision, goals, target audiences, messaging and tactics, and provide an analysis on how and why the campaign was successful—or what changes could have been made to improve it. Additionally, students will run a semester-long campaign for a brand or business, from research and strategic planning to content creation, campaign execution and post-campaign analysis.

SMM 296 Personalized Online Portfolio (1)
Prerequisite: SMM 105, SMM 120, ENG 220
Description: Develop your personal brand and online portfolio. Let the world know who you really are, what projects you have done, what you are passionate about and why you would add so much value to an organization. Developing a personal brand that aligns with a specific industry, career path, skills, and networks empowers you to move forward in the career of your choice. Creating a personal brand strategy and building your online presence will be a life-long asset. This class will focus on helping students tell their story online and through social media. Students will learn how to effectively show their work history, strengths, career objectives, recommendation, honors, portfolios, skills, and personality.

SMM 299 Social Media Marketing Internship (2)
Prerequisite: SMM 105, SMM 120, SMM 130, SMM 160
Description: Each student will have the chance to work on campaigns or even overall social management for real companies. This hands on experience will be the best way for them to apply what they have learned and build their personal portfolios. Many students should get jobs with either the companies they intern with or through a referral/networking opportunity that came from the internship.