Computer Programing


Any company who intends to utilize computer technology within their organization will at some point require at least one computer programmer on staff. These individuals may be responsible for developing new customized systems for the company, or they may need to integrate two or more systems together with a common interface and feature set. They may also be expected to build and maintain the company website.

Students in this program will be expected to actually write code and develop different applications using each of the following programming languages:

  • JAVA
  • .NET
  • .ASP
  • SQL

Career Opportunities

All companies need computer programmers. Every IT department in the world has to deal with multiple systems and multiple databases and an employee with the skillset to develop integrated functionality within multiple programs, automated scripts, or full-featured applications will be sought after.

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the program, successful graduates will be able to:
  • Confirm personal testimony in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Collaborate with others using interpersonal skills in an honest, ethical, and Christ-like manner
  • Communicate effectively using written and verbal presentation principles
  • Construct new knowledge using technology and information resource tools
  • Comprehend and think critically to solve problems
  • Cultivate a strong, professional work ethic and life-long learning opportunities
  • Complete and present effective Systems Design strategies and solutions
  • Provide effective Executive-level presentations and documentation to convey complex technical designs
  • Manage technical design, development, and implementation of projects on time and within budget
  • Develop applications using Java
  • Develop applications using .NET
  • Develop applications using HTML
  • Articulate career preparation confidently using resumes, portfolios and interviews

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