The mission of the academic advising program is to ensure that all students attending LDS Business College:

  • Understand program policies and procedures
  • Plan career goals
  • Select the appropriate educational program(s) to achieve those goals
  • Connect with campus services and resources that are designed to provide regular contact and support
  • Receive support and guidance entry through completion of their educational programs

During your time at LDSBC, we want you to have the best experience possible as you prepare for real life and to meet God. This includes teaching you to: (1) realize your potential as an indispensable ‘beacon of light’ (Eyring, 2006) in the Lord’s kingdom on earth, and (2) become a highly marketable professional in an ever-changing and intensifying global economy. 

Although we do not know exactly what tomorrow will bring, we do know that the Lord has a special mission and calling for you and will guide you through your journey as you do your part. Elder D. Todd Christofferson said, "If we sincerely desire and strive to measure up to the high expectations of our Heavenly Father, He will ensure that we receive all the help we need, whether it be comforting, strengthening, or chastening."

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