How To Apply

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What type of student are you?

New Students

Students can apply online at one convenient site for any institution in the LDS Church Educational System. To apply to LDS Business College, follow the link to and click Apply Here & Check Application Status. You will create a Net ID as part of the application process. Once your application is complete, you will be notified by e-mail that an admissions decision has been made.

  1. Apply Online
  2. Submit Required Information
  3. Complete the Ecclesiastical Endorsement Process
  4. Admission Decision Notification
  • All application materials must be received by the semester admission deadlines.
  • There is a $35 application fee for all new students applying to the college.
  • Students are welcome to begin at the beginning of any semester
  • Dates and Deadlines
Semester Application Deadlines
Winter 2018   (January 8 - April 12) International Applicants: November 27, 2017
Domestic Applicants: December 20, 2017
Spring 2018  (April 23 - July 23)

International Applicants: March 15, 2018
Domestic Applicants: April 9, 2018

Fall 2018  (September 17 - December 19)

International Applicants: August 8, 2018
Domestic Applicants: August 30, 2018

Get Started

* Call 801-524-8145 for help with the application process.

Need Help?

Did you forget your Net-ID or password?
 If so, contact the helpdesk at 801-524-8119 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You still have questions? We have answers. Fill out a college interest form if you would like to:

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Home School Students

Home school students who qualify for admission are admitted after reaching age 17, or after the graduation date of their traditional high school class. Students must submit the equivalent of a high school diploma. The following are the equivalent of a high school diploma:

  • Diploma, certificate, or transcript showing completion of Home School program that is recognized by a state as evidence of High School Completion.
  • A GED Certificate
  • Evidence of a passing score on tests recognized by the state and similar to the GED, such as the High School Equivalency Test through the students home state (example: HiSET, CHSPE, etc.)  Contact the Office of Admissions with questions at 801-524-8145.

Returning Students

Students who wish to return to the College after an absence of more than one academic semester (not including Spring Session) including servicemen released from active duty must reapply. No additional application fees are charged. Returning students will need a new Student Commitment and Confidential Report when reapplying. All application materials must be received 10 days before the semester begins.

Returning students who previously graduated from the College may be eligible for free tuition for one class. Check the Alumni Association for information about tuition privileges for LDS Business College graduates.

Transfer Students

Students may earn a maximum of 50 percent of the credit required for a credential from LDS Business College by test credit and transfer credit.

Test credit includes Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and course challenge examinations. All scores must be on official transcripts.

Transfer credit earned at other regionally accredited colleges or universities that meets the general education requirements of LDS Business College is normally accepted if grades of C- or better have been earned. Other credits will be applied on the basis of appropriateness to the specific degree program requirements. The cumulative grade-point average of students who transfer to the College is computed only on the basis of course work completed at the College.

U.S. transfer students applying with fewer than 30 semester or 45 quarters of college credit completed after high school follow the same application requirements as new freshmen. Applicants with 30 semester or 45 quarter hours or more of college credit complete and submit the following:

  • The Application for Admissions
  • $35 non-refundable application fee
  • Official transcripts from each college or university attended or attending

All application materials must be received by the application deadlines.

Students with transcripts from institutions outside the United States may be given credit at LDS Business College on a case-by-case basis.

International Students

We are glad you are considering LDS Business for your education. Here is everything you must do in order to be considered for admissions.

To be considered for admission, international students must:

  • Submit the Admission Application (available online at
  • This includes the Recommendation portion. If LDS, interview with your bishop and stake presidency member. If not LDS, interview with an LDS bishop, and then schedule a time with our LDSBC Chaplain. Note: an ecclesiastical endorsement must be completed each year before Fall Semester registration. Endorsements expire March 1st of each year.
  • College transcripts (if transferring).
  • Submit high school transcript or evidence of high school graduation. All applicants who have attended international schools (for any high school grade or college/university) will need to arrange for their academic documents to be evaluated by one of the following international transcript evaluation agencies: International Education Research Foundation (IERF) or World Education Services (WES).
 If you choose IERF, the required type of evaluation report is “Detail Report” for both high school (secondary education) and college/university documents. If you choose WES, the required type of evaluation report for high school (secondary education) documents is “DxD,” and the required type of evaluation report for college or university documents is “CxC.” Choosing alternate evaluations may result in additional fees and a delay in the assessment. We suggest that you arrange for your academic documents to be submitted to IERF or WES 4-6 weeks before our admission application deadline in order to allow enough time for the company to submit the evaluation to CES.
  • Submit nonrefundable $35 application fee.
  • Students will need to submit an English Proficiency Test if their native and home language is not English. Students will need to have the minimum scores, including sub-scores. The following are the English Proficiency Tests accepted for admissions:
      Reading Listening Speaking Writing Composite
    TOEFL (iBT) 17 16 16 17 66
    IELTS 6.0 6.0 5.5 5.0 6.0
    PTE 47 45 45 47 46
    Cambridge English (CAE or CPE) 169 169 162 154 169

    NOTE: Effective September 1, 2017, the College will no longer accept the Michigan MELAB or the Michigan Internexus English Proficiency Tests for admissions.

  • The College's TOEFL code is 4414

All application materials must be received by the semester admission deadline. Students may apply for admission online at


International Students:  If you are admitted, then you will need to log into, then click Welcome, then you will see the BC Intl Service link to begin the I-20 process. This link takes 48 hours to activate after your admission notification. This process for the I-2o will require you to submit the following: 

1. Copy of the passport for the student and dependents (if applicable).

2. The bank statement verifying available funding (minimum amount of $12,900 U.S. for LDS members, or $16,300 U.S. for non-LDS, plus $2,000 per dependent)

3. International student affidavit of support (PDF) if applicable.

4. Submit deposit in amount equal to three semesters of full-time tuition (fully refundable if the student does not attend).

5. If currently in the U.S. in F-1 status, submit verification of immigration status (passport # and I-94), copy of I-20 and status letter from transferring institution.

If currently in the U.S. but not in F-1 status, contact the admissions office for information on application to change status. Change of status will be considered only if valid under current BCIS regulations. Applicants entering the U.S. on a B (tourist) visa are ineligible to attend CES schools. Attendance is conditional upon receipt of F-1 status. Students who do not qualify or who do not receive the status requested may not attend.