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Why an Honor Code?

Living a life of honor is a central aspect of your experience at LDS Business College as you are laying the foundation of your life's work. To help us live with greater honor and to help us develop a culture of discipleship in our hearts and on this campus, The Board of Trustees for LDS Business College established a Code of Honor and associated dress and grooming standards for all who are a part of the campus community. The overarching goal of the Code of Honor and the standards that have been set forth is to invite the Holy Ghost into our lives and throughout our campus in order to cultivate deep learning and greater discipleship. 

We invite you to keep the commitments you have made to abide by the standards in the Honor Code and thereby accelerate your development as a trusted disciple of Jesus Christ. The Honor Code is about choosing to use your agency to be obedient in small and simple things so that the Holy Ghost can be invited into your life. As you live so that you can be trusted, you will play an active role in fulfilling the prophetic statement given by President Henry B. Eyring to our campus community when he said, "Your graduates must have an inner moral compass which will make of them ever more rare and ever more valued" (LDS Business College Inauguration, Oct. 2009). 

Honor Code Policies and Procedures

From honesty to dress and grooming, here are the Honor Code policies that will help you elevate your learning.

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Honor Code Investigation and Administrative Review Process

These guidelines outline the procedure LDSBC follows when reported honor code violations warrant investigation.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Everyone plays a role in elevating the culture of LDSBC through the Honor Code.

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Ecclesiastical Endorsement

An annual ecclesiastical endorsement enables students to assess their commitment to the Honor Code.

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