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Federal Pell Grant

Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is need-based. Eligibility for Pell is determined from the information provided on the FAFSA. The Pell Grant is not a loan, and therefore is not required to be paid back. Pell Grants are not available to students who have received a bachelor’s degree.

Students eligible for a Pell Grant may qualify for an award ranging from $626 to $5775 for an academic year (the amount is pro-rated if the student is not full time) depending on eligibility. Students are only able to receive 100% of their annual limit in Pell Grant. This means that Pell-eligible students who attend full time Fall Semester 2015 and full time Winter Semester 2016 will have received 100% of their Pell eligibility for the academic year. These students would not qualify for Pell Grant for Summer Semester 2016.
Award Information:
Students who are eligible for Pell grant are initially offered a Pell amount based on full-time attendance when they are awarded Pell before disbursements begin for the semester. After disbursements begin for a semester the Pell grant amount is pro-rated based on the students actual enrollment. After the Financial Aid census date the Pell amount for the term is adjusted to reflect the student's enrollment.
Pell grants are first disbursed to the student's tuition account at the College. This will first be applied towards the student's tuition bill and any other authorized charges. Any remaining funds are then made available to the student in the form of a check. For more detailed information on disbursements please visit our Disbursements page.
Maintaining Eligibility:
Eligibility for Pell grant is re-evaluated each academic year when a new FAFSA is submitted. Students must also maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to continue to receive Pell grants. Please visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress page for more information.
600% Lifetime Pell Eligibility Limit:
Students may only receive 600% of their pell eligibility. This means that if the student is a full time student (12 or more credits per semester) for 6 years, they will have received the maximum Pell grant available.

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