LDS Social Media Conference

The second semi-annual LDS Social Media Conference will be held on September 30, 2016.

Join 150 colleagues to learn how to expand your audience in social media, to improve your content, and how to make money while you're having all that fun. We've lined up 10 industry-leading presenters for this all-day session!


Creating Compelling Content

Creating Compelling Content

It always comes down to stories and relationships. Content that tells a story reminds us that we’re meant to connect in real, human ways. Then, social media marketing will become an enriching, gratifying experience!

DeNae Handy
My Real Life was Backordered
LDSBC social media professor
Engage Your Audience Through Video

Engage Your Audience Through Video

Everyone with a smart phone can shoot and post video, but unless your video has a meaningful point and is aligned with your strategy, it will confuse your audience.

Guy Gibbons
LDSBC Creative Director
Three Strategies for Telling Powerful Stories

Three Strategies for Telling Powerful Stories

Following these three steps will help you tell every story in the most powerful way. 

Spencer Taggart
LDSBC Director of Marketing
& Microcourses
From Finish to Start

From Finish to Start

Despite what you may have heard, developing a great social media strategy does not start at the beginning. With real-world examples, Jared Covington will examine why working backwards is the key to a great marketing strategy.

Jared Covington
LDS Church Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist
Winning with the Facebook Algorithm

Winning with the Facebook Algorithm

Stop fighting the drop in your organic reach and come learn how to leverage Facebook’s advertising tools to increase your reach. 

Barett Christensen
LDSBC Social Media Marketing Director
How To Reinvent Yourself

How To Reinvent Yourself

Make change your friend. Through the naysayers, the tough roadblocks, the hardships, you can achieve amazing things. Those things you think are tough really become mercies in disguise.

Lisa Bearnson
Anthology; former Creating Keepsakes Magazine publisher; QVC & HSN host
Share Your Testimony On Social Media

Share Your Testimony On Social Media

Resonate with your followers. Defend your faith. Engage hostility with love and compassion.

Al Fox Carraway 
Author; Lecturer; LDS Church Social Media Manager
From Hobby to $500,000 Business

From Hobby to $500,000 Business

Two sisters-in-law begin blogging about their food storage hobby to share ideas. Before they knew it, their pasttime grew to a half-million dollars in annual sales! They will tell you how they did it.

Jodi Moore & Julie Weiss 
Food Storage Made Easy
Diversifying Your Revenue Streams

Diversifying Your Revenue Streams

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when trying to strategize your earning potential. There’s more than one way to add value to and earn money from your loyal followers.

Amy Roskelley 
& Russ Monson 
Super Healthy Kids
The Future of Education in the Church

The Future of Education
in the Church

Educational opportunities and technologies for Church members worldwide are expanding. Learn how these looming changes will impact your family and your social media audience.

J. Lawrence Richards 
President, LDS Business College

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