UPCOMING 23 Oct. 2018
Robert Wahlquist, BYU-Idaho Institute of Religion Professor, is our Devotional speaker on October…
UPCOMING 30 Oct. 2018
Gene Hayes, director of international field operations for BYU-Pathway Worldwide, will be our…
UPCOMING 13 Nov. 2018
James Tidwell, Director of the Church Educational System Initiative, is our Devotional speaker on…
UPCOMING 20 Nov. 2018
Julie Merrill, LDS Church manager of human resources, will be our Devotional speaker on November…
UPCOMING 11 Dec. 2018
The 2018 Christmas devotional will include Christmas music, scriptures and remarks about…
09 Oct. 2018
Since 2017, Gary Crittenden has served as the managing director of The Church of Jesus Christ of…
18 Sep. 2018
"I Am More Than Just a Name" by Sister Alynda Kusch and "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus" by…
10 Jul. 2018
Vanessa Ballam currently serves as an associate professor and head of acting in the Department of…
03 Jul. 2018
Nelson Altamirano is the LDS Business College Digital Marketing Program Chair. He oversees the…
26 Jun. 2018
Brother Miller has a master’s degree in education administration and a Ph.D. in educational…
19 Jun. 2018
Focused and Deliberate Discipleship — Seeing Things as They Really Are
12 Jun. 2018
"Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God" by Pres. Spendlove, and "In the Strength of the Lord, I Can…
15 May. 2018
"Using a New-Net to Become Fishers of Men" by Jonathan Johnson
01 May. 2018
"Seeking for a Beautiful Day" by Thomas Morgan
24 Apr. 2018
"A Healthy Heart and the Holy Ghost" by President Bruce C. Kusch. "The Parable of the Carpet Layer"…
03 Apr. 2018
"Prospering in the Land — the Lord’s Plan for Abundance" by Kory Katseanes
27 Mar. 2018
"Currents of Commotion" by David Sturt
20 Mar. 2018
"Why Be Self-Reliant?" by Robert Heyn
14 Mar. 2018
"Small Things Matter a Lot" by Mark Willes