Light the world like the Christmas star

Written By Laura Kasandra Matus Diaz, Posted in Devotionals

Light the world like the Christmas star

The light from the sun takes about eight minutes to give light to the earth. The nearest galaxy is Alpha Centauri is 4 light years away from the earth. One light year is 5.3 million miles away, which means the light of the stars that you can appreciate today is over 4 years old, hundreds and even thousands of light years away

There is no doubt that Heavenly Father placed that shining star to announce Christ’s birth years before his birth. Just as he did so for Christ, God has put those stars in your life so you can progress in this life.

“God is working to answer your prayers long before you ask them,” Adrian Juchau said as he invited the audience to open their eyes to the stars, to the messages of love, and to the light that God has placed in our lives. As you give particular attention to those blessings, express your gratitude in different ways. Adrian Juchau asked the students to start the day with a prayer so they can be sensitive to the promptings and specifically serve others. “As you learn to serve in these ways and light the world like the Christmas star, you will find not only that you are an answer to others’ blessings, but that God was using you to answer others’ prayers, long before they ever prayed, ”Adrian Juchau concluded.

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