In this Christmas season

Written By Laura Kasandra Matus Diaz, Posted in Devotionals

In this Christmas season

As part of our journey here on earth and our process of becoming like God, we have to set apart our natural man and experience uncomfortable moments. As we try to improve by experiencing different situations in our lives, Heavenly Father puts different stars in our human orbits.

    He puts them in such a way that they come in contact with us at certain times and in certain places for the purpose of helping us accomplish exactly what Father in Heaven has asked us to accomplish in our lives.

      “In this Christmas season, an invitation might be that you are a star in someone’s human orbit, allow yourself to be the comforting hand upon someone else’s back” President Richards said.

    As we strive to be someone’s light and support, President Richards also suggested to carefully ponder the words of the hymns and have joy during this season.

    “You have all the reasons in the world to be happy, because you are His. You are covenant children, and all the promises of the covenant are yours.”

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