Four Scripture Study Tips

Written By Jacqueline Crane , Posted in Devotionals

Balancing work, school and continuing to develop our relationship with Christ is always a challenge. However, Christ has asked us to seek for His kingdom first, and then the other things in our lives will fall into place (3 Nephi 13:33).

1. Begin- start each day feasting upon the words of Christ. God has asked us to seek His kingdom first. If we don’t start with the scripture first than we might lose out as we get distracted throughout the day.

2. Prayer-  Ask Jesus and God to help you with your Scripture study and it will always be more meaningful.

3. Study with the Intent to Share- When you know you are going to share something you learn, you work harder to find something meaningful and applicable, something new and worth sharing. 

4. Mark- Take notes of what inspires you, what actions you are going to take and what inspires you.

Reading scriptures is one the small that simple things that can bring the greatest success to our lives (Alma 37:6). Following these four tips and steps, we can better come to Christ by feasting upon his words.

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Jacqueline Crane

Jacqueline Crane graduated with a degree in Public Relations from Brigham Young University in 2016. During the last summer of her schooling, she worked as an intern for the public affairs office at LDS Business College. She hopes to work in a nonprofit business and combine her PR skills with her love for music.

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