A daughter of God

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A daughter of God

"When we make promises to God, He makes promises to us," was Devi Paryiar testimony when she addressed the LDSBC audience.

    Devie’s deepest desire, was to see God in her life. After meeting a friend who was the happiest person she had ever met, Debbie wondered what made her friend so happy. She found out that she attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Devi  accepted the invitation to attend a Relief Society conference where she learned that she was a daughter of God. In that moment, it all changed for Debie.

    Shortly after she joined the Church, old friends and family didn’t wanted to talk to her, but she always prayed for them. Years later, Devie was called to serve in the Temple Square Mission where she taught two hundred investigators in Nepali.

    Years after finishing her mission, she came back to Salt Lake City to attend LDSBC. A big surprise came to her as she attended the Nepali branch in SLC. Devie realized that she taught all those members who now are serving in different leadership positions.

    Devie testifies that faith brought her to where she is today and it all changed with the knowledge she had of knowing that she is a daughter of God.

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