Taste the savings with BC Café and student meal plans.

We understand that planning and preparing healthy meals (or eating out) can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we have an on-campus café that offers delicious, affordable meal options during school hours.

You can also purchase a meal plan with a minimum deposit of $20. The meal plan provides students a 10% discount, and exempts their food from sales tax (currently 7.85%), which adds up to an almost 20% savings.

For instance, if you, as a student, want to purchase a $3 meal, you have two options. Buy it without a meal plan and spend $3.24 with tax. Or, buy it with a meal plan and save 10% and subtract the sales tax for a total of $2.70. That's a total savings $0.54. That may not seem like much, but after a week of those meals, you could save close to $7.

The BC Café Meal Plan provides a tasty, economical solution to the food dilemma, so you can focus on developing your talents and planning your future.

To purchase a meal plan gift card, you can visit or call the BC Café at (801) 524-8183, or buy an e-gift card online at: www.toasttab.com/bc-cafe. Because of IRS regulations, the minimum meal plan deposit is $20.

BC Café Meal Plan Policies

Because dormitory-style housing does not include any food preparation facilities, all Lodge and Plaza applicants must have a meal plan and make a $500 dining services payment.

You, as the student resident, will then have a $500 balance on a convenient electronic card which can be used to purchase meals or snacks at the BC Café.

Students can pick up their meal plan cards at the BC Café, which is located adjacent to the main campus building.

The $500 non-refundable dining services payment is required in full before housing reservations can be made for The Lodge or The Plaza.

The balance on the card may be carried over from semester to semester until is it used up.

Residents have the option of replenishing the card balance at any time by visiting www.toasttab.com/bc-cafe/

Any balance remaining on the card is forfeited if the student fails to register for classes at LDS Business College for two consecutive semesters, including summer session.

Participation in the LDS Business College pre-paid food service subsequent to the initial $500 dining services payment is encouraged, but optional.

Any LDS Business College student can purchase a meal plan with a minimum deposit of $20. Students will benefit from an automatic discount of almost 20% when using their account. To purchase your meal plan, contact the BC Café at (801) 524-8183.