BC Café and Meal Plans

Taste the savings with BC Café and student meal plans.

We understand that planning and preparing healthy meals (or eating out) can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we have an on-campus café that offers delicious, affordable meal options during school hours.

You can also purchase a meal plan with a minimum deposit of $20. The meal plan provides students a 10% discount, and exempts their food from sales tax (currently 7.85%), which adds up to an almost 20% savings.

For instance, if you, as a student, want to purchase a $3 meal, you have two options. Buy it without a meal plan and spend $3.24 with tax. Or, buy it with a meal plan and save 10% and subtract the sales tax for a total of $2.70. That's a total savings $0.54. That may not seem like much, but after a week of those meals, you could save close to $7.

The BC Café Meal Plan provides a tasty, economical solution to the food dilemma, so you can focus on developing your talents and planning your future.

To purchase a meal plan gift card, you can visit or call the BC Café at (801) 524-8183, or buy an e-gift card online at: www.toasttab.com/bc-cafe. Because of IRS regulations, the minimum meal plan deposit is $20.

BC Café Meal Plan Policies

Any LDS Business College student can purchase a meal plan with a minimum deposit of $20. Students will benefit from an automatic discount of almost 20% when using their account. To purchase your meal plan, contact the BC Café at (801) 524-8183.