Admission Deferment

Admission Deferment

Newly Admitted students and current students are eligible to defer their attendance at LDS Business College for religious service, including an LDS mission, and/or military duty.

When newly admitted or current students require their attendance to be deferred for a specific and designated time to serve a religious mission or is called on military duty, students will need to submit a deferment form indicating the semester they will return.

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Returning from Deferment

All students returning from a deferment will start by updating the admission application at During this process you will need to complete the full application including the following:

  1. Agree to any new privacy statements and releases.

  2. Update your personal and contact information.

  3. Select your applicant type, return semester and major.

    • Your applicant type will likely be the same as in your the initial application. However, if you attended classes at LDS Business College before leaving, you'll want to select “former” as your applicant type.

  4. Submit a new Ecclesiastical Endorsement through the online endorsement system.

    • This will need to be completed by your mission president if you are currently serving a mission. If you have already returned home, your home bishop and a member of the stake presidency will do this.

  5. Update your educational history as needed.

  6. Submit the application.

Once you've updated the admission application, you'll be notified by admissions regarding the return from deferment and next steps.